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Fiddler's Fancy was founded in 1997 to showcase the talents of Celtic musicians and dancers in venues varying from fairs, festivals and weddings to hotel ballrooms and living rooms. These experienced performers have performed at venues ranging from pubs, restaurants and major festivals, to wedding celebrations for Jerry Garcia and the Alioto family.

Fiddler's Fancy can provide musicians for your party, festival, faire, wedding or wake: solo, duos, trios, a quartet, a quintet, or a Celtic Rock Band.

Fiddler's Fancy at
The Great Dickens Christmas Fair
Fiddler's Fancy at
a Renaissance themed private party
Avalon Rising

Fiddler's Fancy ensembles have performed at:
Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts
Dublin St. Patrick's Day Festival
Castle Amororso
Sacramento's famed Rail Fair
The Mammoth Celtic Festival
The Gold Country Fair
Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Heart of the Forest Renaissance Faire
Dickens Christmas Fair
Ardenwood Celtic Festival
Tapestry in Talent
San Jose Repertory Theater
Squaw Valley Solstice Festival
Rotary Arts Festival
Fairfax May Day Festival

Fiddler's Fancy's repertoire includes music from all over Europe and much of the Americas, including Celtic, American, English, French, Italian, Scandinavian, Mexican, Klezmer, Eastern European, Classical, Renaissance, Medieval and Middle Eastern. Click here for a partial repertoire list.

Various instrumentations are possible, combining violin, harp, flute, recorder, guitar, mandola, mandocello, bass, pennywhistle and bodhran and other percussion.
Solo musicians, duos, trios, quartet or all five of us!

Historical themes in both music and costuming are also possible, especially Renaissance and Victorian. And there’s always modern basic black.

Cat Taylor: violin, bodhran, vocals
Mark Ungar: guitar, bass, mandocello, mandola, vocals
Margaret Davis: harp, flute, recorders, vocals
Kristoph Klover: guitar, mandola, vocals
Deirdre McCarthy: bodhran, pennywhistle, vocals

Click the tunes below to listen to our virtual demo tape:
With Cat, Margaret & Kristoph With Cat, Mark & Deirdre
Lark in the Morning Ashokan Farewell
Lark in the Morning (excerpt) Ashokan Farewell (excerpt)
Humours of Ballyloughlin Shloymke's and Varshaver Freilichs
Humours of Ballyloughlin (excerpt) Shloymke's Freilichs (excerpt)
Childgrove/Parson's Farewell Swallowtail Reel/Gravel Walk
Parson's Farewell (excerpt) Gravel Walk (excerpt)

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